Microneedle Eyepatch Fights Eye Diseases

Microneedle Eyepatch Fights Eye Diseases
An eyepatch equipped with dissolvable, drug-filled needles could help treat eye disease.

Developed by research teams in Singapore, the eyepatch should alleviate some of the difficulties associated with treating eye diseases, such as messy eye drops and scary needle injections. Instead, the surface of the eyepatch is covered in tiny, dissolvable needles that will become embedded in the cornea when the patch is applied and removed. The needles themselves contain two levels of drugs—one that will immediately enter the eye and one that will deliver a sustained, secondary dose over several days.

In tests on mice with corneal neovascularization, the microneedle patch proved 90 percent effective at treating the disease.

Microneedle Eyepatch Fights Eye Diseases

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