Moonside Neon Lighthouse

Moonside Neon Lighthouse
It might look like a glow-stick, but the Moonside lamp is capable of producing colors and gradients that no glow-stick can ever match up to. Underneath its translucent outer body sits a matrix of RGB LEDs that can be custom-programmed to light up in a variety of patterns… like a psychedelic lava lamp that fills your room with an absolute ocean of hues.

Quite aptly called the Moonside Neon Lighthouse, this cylindrical little baton of light has about 90 RGB LEDs on the inside that can reproduce 16 million colors each.

Sort of like a multi-color standalone tubelight, the Moonside Lighthouse can be used in a whole variety of ways. Pre-program it to light up your room in your favorite colors, or sync it to the colors of your favorite team when there’s a match on. Alternatively, you could connect it to your music app and turn your home into a makeshift discotheque, or even use the Moonside as a lighting prop for your photography project.

Moonside Neon Lighthouse

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