Mostly Water Butter Mimicks Creamy Mouthfeel

Mostly Water Butter Mimicks Creamy Mouthfeel
A low-fat butter made mostly of water offers a healthier alternative to the popular and tasty ingredient.

One of the qualities of butter that adds to its appeal is its creamy mouthfeel, which can be difficult to duplicate in artificial alternatives. However, a new spread from the team at Cornell University may have overcome this limitation. The buttery spread, made up of 80 percent water and only 20 percent vegetable oil, was developed using a new emulsifying process with high-internal phase emulsions. According to the team, the new process causes the material to thicken as more water is added, with a ratio of 4 to 1 resulting in a thick, butter-like spread that mimics the texture of real butter, but without the added fat.

The spread does not yet taste like butter, but according to the team, copying the texture was the hardest part, and flavorings can easily be added.

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