Moterum iStride Wearable Corrects Gait

Moterum iStride Wearable Corrects Gait
The wearable iStride device from Moterum helps rehabilitate mobility-impaired patients, such as stroke victims, by encouraging the correct gait.

One consequence of a stroke is the limp that can ensue due to central nervous damage that causes an asymmetric walking pattern. Though a split-belt treadmill can help correct the problem, such devices are large and expensive.

In contrast, the iStride device is small enough to be used at home. The device is worn on the patient’s good side, where it will cause one foot to move backwards while the patient is walking to exaggerate the asymmetric gate. According to Dr. Kyle Reed, PhD, at the University of South Florida, “...this helps to exaggerate one of the feet so it becomes more asymmetric, especially when they take it off. They have a corrected gait where it’s more symmetric afterwards.”

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Wondering if the istride device is available in the market or any updates on it?
Posted by SURYA JAKKA on December 21, 2019

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