Nanocoating Repels Grease from Stainless Steel

Nanocoating Repels Grease from Stainless Steel
A new nanocoating repels grease from stainless steel to keep the surfaces clean as well as increase their lifespan.

The coating is made up of a layer that is both water and oil repellant that has been integrated with small particles. When the coating is applied to the stainless steel, the particles cause the surface area to increase and become rougher. This reduces the amount of surface contact with fingers and other greasy objects, in turn greatly reducing the amount of grease transferred to the metal. The coating’s refractive index has also been adjusted so that it will reflect light in the same way skin oil on a surface will, making fingerprints more difficult to see.

The coating is being developed by FEW Chemicals GmbH, with analysis of the layers conducted by a team from Fraunhofer.

Image - FEW Chemicals GmbH - Drops of oil on a super-hydrophobic and oleophobic coating on stainless steel.

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