Nanospheres Lead to Stronger Concrete

Nanospheres Lead to Stronger Concrete
Tiny spheres made of calcium silicate could lead to a greener and more stronger concrete.

Concrete is an extremely popular building material, but its production is resource-intensive. To offer a greener alternative, the team from Rice University replaced the cement commonly used as a binder in concrete with micron-sized calcium silicate spheres that will self-assemble into a solid material that is stronger and more robust than Portland cement. According to the team, the nanosphere-based material is more controllable to manufacture, and could even have applications in bone engineering, insulation and ceramics.

Image: Calcium silicate spheres synthesized at Rice University and packed into a pellet hold together under compression.

Nanospheres Lead to Stronger Concrete

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This is a very interesting invention if it is environmentally friendly and more cost-effective than portman cement. I would be interested to have more information with regards to its cost for production and whether it is possible for a collaboration to have it manufacture in China if it is more cost effective and environmentally friendly than portman cement.
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Posted by Richard Tham on November 27, 2018

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