Natural Nanofilter Removes Toxins from Water

Natural Nanofilter Removes Toxins from Water
Researchers have developed a nanofilter made of naturally occurring nanostructures able to filter water up to 100 times faster than current technologies.

The filter was developed by a team from RMIT using nanostructures that grow naturally on liquid metals, which is cheaper and less resource intensive than conventional methods. The liquid metal process relies on an alloy made up of gallium-based liquid metal combined with aluminum that is exposed to water to trigger the growth of aluminum oxide sheets. These naturally wrinkled, porous sheets can be stacked to create a filter able to separate both oil and lead from water, and the manufacturing process is both inexpensive and waste-free.

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I do believe that this is a revolution to new clean water. This cone change the word as we no it.
Posted by charles ratliff on October 4, 2018

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