Neozoon Lamp

Neozoon Lamp
Created by Munich-based product designer Lukas Heintschel, the Neozoon consists of an aerospace-grade aluminum body that houses the electronics, a 3D-printed polyamide handle, and a translucent medical-grade silicone suction cup. To use it, you pretty much just stick it to a flat, smooth surface, then press its power button to turn it on. Its LEDs put out a combined 180 lumens at the maximum output level, in a warm color temperature of 2,500 degrees Kelvin. At that level, its 2,400-mAh/3.7V lithium-polymer battery should provide about six hours of lighting per three-hour USB charge. That said, users can dim it to a lower output simply by holding their finger on the power button. At its lowest intensity, it should run for approximately 12 hours per charge.

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