Netflix Necon Pro Gaming Controller

Netflix Necon Pro Gaming Controller
Netflix introduces the new cool gaming controller for the most popular video streaming service. This controller will bring in-game action for hours of fun on the go.

Designers Seong Bin Yoon and Cheolhee Lee have envisioned a design that is good for casual gaming as well as AR and VR-assisted gaming fun. The vertical grip positioning with bumper buttons on the sides coincides with that vision for the freedom of movement in all directions. The front has the customary joystick, directional pad, and buttons for in-game input. Interestingly the left and right sections of the controller can move independently, giving you better control, and hence a tactical advantage with these pads.

The cloud gaming service is set to debut early next year and we could expect an announcement by the end of this year too. The gaming service will be a part of the current Netflix portfolio and will be offered at no extra cost to the subscribers.

Netflix Necon Pro Gaming Controller

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