Nifty Aromatherapy

Nifty Aromatherapy
The AROMEO Sense is a sleep aid device that engages multiple senses with a combination of light, sound, and aromatherapy. Its three modes, Sleep, Relax, and Focus work to bring down your stress levels.

The Sleep mode uses melatonin-boosting lights, aroma, and sounds to bring you into a state of restful sleep. The Relax mode works best while you’re meditating, with light that helps guide your breathing patterns. The Focus mode helps guide you into a state of awareness with blue lights that stops your body from producing melatonin- the sleep hormone. This is a great device to help people unwind.

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Deep and good sleep is everyone's main caeteria , so for that massage of head with some ayurvedic aromatic oil must be done .a good sleep needs certain caeteria like proper room temperature so that body and mind can adjust according to that . A good pleasent smell of rose jasmine with no or dim light should be there
Posted by Prabir Kumar Chakraborty on December 13, 2020

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