Nomad Headset Guides the Visually Impaired

Nomad Headset Guides the Visually Impaired
Designed for the visually impaired, the Nomad concept device would help the wearer navigate with LiDAR and connectivity.

Conceived by Jorge Paea, the Nomad headset is equipped with four LiDAR proximity sensors set atop a bone conducting headphone set. Navigation information is relayed to the wearer as privately audible dings that increase in speed as they approach the obstacle. The Nomad could also integrate with the blindsquare app, and includes a virtual assistant to make purchasing tickets and other services easier.

Nomad Headset Guides the Visually Impaired

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Technical implements are available for sight and hearing. How is it with sense of smell, which also degenerates over years? Could smell be compressed from air to a cell or an expendable pad?
Posted by Uolevi Kattun on March 1, 2017

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