Nuclear Powered Batteries

Nuclear Powered Batteries
A Californian company called NDB has developed a nano-diamond battery, which acts like a mini nuclear generator using nuclear waste. They claim this battery could last between decades and 28 000 years, and is almost indestructible, and cheaper than lithium-ion batteries.

Not only does this battery last a very long time, it also solves the problem of nuclear waste management, as it now can be recycled into these batteries, instead of disposed of in the nature. These batteries are extremely eco-friendly, they only require air to work, and produce no emissions and toxic wastes.

NBD says their battery could be used in any technology from cars, and rockets, to smartphones. Imagine a world where you smartphone's battery never dies!

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A race to even fictionally maximize lifespans of various mechanical items with Grapefruit Inspired Non-Cuttable Material (Aug-19-20) and Nuclear Powered Batteries (Sep-02-20) may now begin.
Posted by Uolevi Kattun on September 4, 2020
Of course much better idea instead using as DU-Munition spoiling the whole nature. But what of the low-beaming nuclear waste inside the units? They are absolutely free of any beaming?

Very interesting, like to deal it in Europe and for own applications at energy plant for the
storage of electric power. What is the maximum capacity which can be manufactured at
present, what are the general properties of this technology?
Posted by Hartmut A. Klein on September 16, 2020
This would be stupendous, when they will be commercially available?
Posted by John G on September 17, 2020
Posted by H J on October 5, 2020

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