Nexusera LLC. is a smart health tech company specializing in medication adherence management. The company has launched its first smart pill organizer O’Kase on Kickstarter. O'Kase is designed for people to manage their pill-taking, and obviates the need for good memory or onerous setup process. It is simple but smart.

O’Kase is comprised of several detachable compartments including controller, different size cases and sub-packs, first of its kind to coalesce modular design philosophy into the product. Users are able to customize their very own personalized O'Kase according to their dosing requirment simply by switching and attaching different parts together.

Another feature differentiates O’Kase from the others is its dual telecommunication modules. The majority of smart pill organizers on the market are connected to the cloud by Bluetooth or WiFi, making them bootless when smartphone is not around or having no WiFi connection. O’Kase on the other hand, is embedded with both cellular and Bluetooth modules, making sure it works perfectly well anywhere and anytime.

O’Kase is not only about dosing management. Powered by reinforcement learning, O’Kase analyzes user’s dosing behavior and studies what can be improved. Personalized adherence reports are sent to users regularly by email, showing adherence performance, indicating potential adverse drug-drug interaction and providing advices on improving dosing schedule, leading to better adherence. It is strictly HIPPA compliant, and user privacy and data security are well protected.

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