O-Wind Turbine Harnesses Winds From Any Direction

O-Wind Turbine Harnesses Winds From Any Direction
The O-Wind multidirectional wind turbine generates more power by harnessing winds from any direction.

Developed by Lancaster University students Nicolas Orellana and Yaseen Noorani, the O-Wind was created for use in urban environments, where the wind gusts can be chaotic. The spherical structure of the O-Wind turbine is designed to hang from a single axis—such as from the balconies of high-rise buildings—capturing winds from any direction to spin and power a generator. The team believes the O-Wing could be manufactured at a low cost, and plan to use their prize money to improve the design.

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The idea of harnessing wing currents in high rise building areas is brilliant! Have noticed several times the 'funnel' created between two tall buildings. The gadget could also be used along highways, where high speeds of vehicles create enormous wind speeds. The energy generated could be used to power street lights or even road side signage.
Posted by Bipin Deshpande on September 12, 2018

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