Ooho is an Edible Water Bottle

Ooho is an Edible Water Bottle
Made of brown algae and calcium chloride, the Ooho edible water bottle could reduce the amount of plastic bottle waste—and it can be cooked up in a home kitchen.

Created by a team of London-based design students, the Ooho was developed using the cooking technique called spherification. Spherification, the technique of shaping liquids into spheres, was developed in 1946 and has more recently been revived by chefs in Spain.

The process involves freezing the water and then creating a double membrane gel made of brown algae and calcium chloride around the solid sphere of ice. The double membrane keeps the water hygienic, and allows for labels to be placed on the object between the layers, without the need for adhesives.

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that's so dank
Posted by jaycob kush on April 1, 2014
The whole idea of putting water into a container is to prevent contamination, The skin of this container will be open to hand and airborne contamination. You could of course put it into another outer package but that will defeatvi the whole idea.
Posted by Barrie Davey on April 2, 2014

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