Organic Solar Cell Harvests Indoor Light

Organic Solar Cell Harvests Indoor Light
An organic solar cell able to harvest indoor light could offer a new source of power for the growing Internet-of-Things.

Developed by an international team of researchers, the organic cell was optimized to absorb the precise light wavelengths commonly found indoors. The team created two prototypes, a cell measuring 1 square centimeter and another measuring 4 square centimeters, with the smaller device offering an efficiency of up to 26.1 percent and delivering more than 1 volt of electricity harvested from typical indoor ambient light. The larger device performed just a bit lower, at 23 percent efficiency.

Although the numbers are somewhat low, the team believes the power output can be increased, allowing the cells to power simple devices such as those used in the Internet-of-Things.

Image Credit: Thor Balkhed - Wuming Wang, PhD Student, and Jonas Bergqvist, Principal Research Engineer in the solar cell laboratory

Organic Solar Cell Harvests Indoor Light

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