Permanent Tattoos Monitor Health

Permanent Tattoos Monitor Health
Permanent tattoos that function as dermal sensors could provide constant monitoring for patients with chronic conditions.

The tattoo ink was developed by a team from Germany’s Technical Institute using a specific combination of dyes that appear yellow as a tattoo, but will change color under different conditions. High levels of glucose may trigger the tattoo to turn green, for example, while another version of the tattoo will turn blue if the skin’s pH level rises.

The team believes the tattoo technology could eventually be used to offer permanent, low-cost monitoring of other parameters, such as pathogen concentrations and dehydration levels.

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I would love to know more and I do believe we can be of some help and we can expand your market potential as we are working on a virtual clinic for the Diabetics patients
Posted by yosef yekta on September 7, 2019

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