Philips AIR Safely Resuscitates Infants

Philips AIR Safely Resuscitates Infants
The Philips Augmented Infant Resuscitator (AIR) attaches to most standard bag-valve-mask systems to safely resuscitate newborns.

Resuscitating asphyxiated newborns can be a challenge in areas with limited access to equipment, because the airflow to the child must be carefully controlled. To that end, the Philips AIR attaches to the standard manual system to monitor the air flow in real time, including ventilation rate, proper seal, and signs of a blocked airway. The AIR can be used without a patient to train responders, and the Philips team believes the device “could reduce birth asphyxia-related neonatal deaths by 30 percent, and deaths from prematurity by 10 percent.”

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