Phree Smartpen Can Take Digital Notes Anywhere

Phree Smartpen Can Take Digital Notes Anywhere
The laser-tipped Phree smartpen can “write” on virtually any surface and upload the data to a paired device.

Unlike other smartpens that rely on a special surface to work, the Phree smartpen is equipped with a tiny laser interferometer that measures the difference between the projected laser beam during writing and the reflections from the surface. Algorithms in the device then process the data in real-time and translate it into the digital image equivalent, which is sent to the paired device via Bluetooth.

The Phree can also function as a wireless handset for phone calls and features an integrated touchscreen that will display text messages.

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Is it on sale?
Posted by Elkhan Keromov on June 11, 2015
That is actually a great invention of note taking. I think that will definitely make easy to take notes, however that would be definitely better when it could also know which notes to take, like Apple did that. Nevertheless, students still should be thought how to make a notes right, as some important information could be missed.You can also read about this on custom writing company. The easiest way to take notes is when you know what to note.
Posted by Lisa Gray on December 25, 2015

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