Plastic Bottles can now be Recycled in Hours

Plastic Bottles can now be Recycled in Hours
Typically only 30% of plastic from bottles is recycled into new weaker ones, but now researchers have discovered a method that converts 90% of that plastic back into full-strength plastic for reuse.

The mutant enzyme created by researchers from Carbios breaks down plastic in a matter of hours. They have partnered with Pepsi and L'Oreal to produce truly recycled plastic, not just a weaker plastic that can only be used to make carpets or clothing.

They hope to be able to have their method of recycling up to industry-case levels within five years.

Plastic Bottles can now be Recycled in Hours

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Please send me more information so as to we can start recycling in INDIA

Posted by JC Shukla on July 10, 2020
I need a general information
Posted by sami DEMİRAY on January 11, 2021
I come from the Philippines. Our seashores need something like this to make the ocean clean. I want to fulfill something i long dream about, that is to make the world more green and livable for the future generations.
Posted by Romeo Mendoza on March 8, 2021

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