Pneumatic Tubes Deliver Food--Fast

Pneumatic Tubes Deliver Food--Fast
Fast Food has taken on a new meaning at C1 Espresso in New Zealand, where food is delivered to the table via custom designed pneumatic tubes inspired by the cartoon show “Futurama.”

C1, which had already been using pneumatic tubes to deliver orders to the kitchen, took the system one step further when the company enlisted the local engineering firm Lamson to install a network of larger tubes designed to carry food such as sliders and nachos. The food is transported in metal canisters, which are a bit more dangerous than the usual paper envelopes that have been the standard cargo of pneumatic tubes since their development in the 1850s. So, as a safety precaution, Lamson designed custom air brakes and air-pressure pockets to slow the food’s speed before it reaches the table.

Tables situated along the edges of the café will have their food delivered through the walls, while tables in the center will be served by tubes that travel up through the table’s main support.

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