Portable PureHale Relieves Respiratory Symptoms

Portable PureHale Relieves Respiratory Symptoms
The PureHale personal inhaler from Aptar Pharma delivers a fine mist of medication to help relieve upper airway symptoms.

Designed to be portable and ready-to-use, the PureHale differs from standard nebulizers in that it is already filled and ready for use, making it tidy and portable. The device is equipped with the company’s established Bag-on-Valve (BOV) technology, which replaces an electronic power source with compressed air. The PureHale also includes a range of customizable options, such as container size and mask, and the medicated mist can be delivered via either the mouth or nasal passages.

Large Image: Aptar Pharma's Bag-on-Valve system used in the PureHale

Portable PureHale Relieves Respiratory Symptoms

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