Portable Samsung Oven

Portable Samsung Oven
Designs like these are born when people are incredibly hungry and then go “Aha! I wish I could just heat my food here while waiting for the bus!”
Boom! Samsung Cuisine is a conceptual all-in-one portable oven made keeping the Samsung design language in mind. It allows you to heat up your food anywhere anytime. Think of it as a lunch bag and a microwave having a high-tech kitchen appliance!

Samsung Cusine features the built-in inductive heating technology of Samsung that can go up to 300-degree F and it will heat up anything you put in the oven. This portable appliance is perfect for any trip including camping, hiking, or picnic!

It not only warms your food anywhere, anytime but can also cook it on the go. Anything that goes into the oven or the slow cooker can be cooked in the Samsung Cuisine. So maybe put a roast in it before you set out on your road trip!

Portable Samsung Oven

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Is this available in the size of Tiffin for School/College going students as well.If So then at what price approximately.
Posted by Jayant Warke on September 22, 2021

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