Pothole Repair System Taps Into Infrared

Pothole Repair System Taps Into Infrared
Engineers have created a Controlled Pothole Repair System that relies on infrared to make longer lasting repairs.

Conventionally, pothole repair teams bring the heated materials to the site of the repair, but this technique has drawbacks, as the lack of proper temperature control can cause the repair to eventually fail.

To offer a longer-lasting alternative, a team from Brunel University London backed by the engineering firm Epicuro created a portable machine that warms the repair site with infrared heating before the repair. The machine is able to heat the surface of the pothole as well as deep underneath, ensuring a more lasting repair, and can operate in just one lane—reducing the need for lane closures.

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Posted by narendra sureka on February 5, 2017
Can you please send some more details about this process, how practical it is?
Many Thanks
Posted by Sunil Kumar on February 15, 2017

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