Preventing Dendrites with Diamonds

Preventing Dendrites with Diamonds
Nanodiamonds could help prevent lithium-ion battery fires while also paving the way to pure lithium electrodes.

Lithium-based batteries are known to form dendrites, which can lead to a short circuit and potential fire. To help alleviate this danger, researchers turned to nanodiamonds, often used to slow dendrite growth. After producing the nanodiamonds using a low-cost method, they team combined the diamond with the electrolyte solution used in lithium-ion batteries. This caused the lithium ions to attach to the nanodiamonds in an orderly way, stopping dendrite growth completely.

According to study co-author Yury Gogotsi, “This is an important step towards improving safety and increasing probability of use of pure metal anodes—not only lithium, but also, zinc, sodium and others—in rechargeable batteries.”

Preventing Dendrites with Diamonds

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