Reef Restoration

Reef Restoration
Coral reefs house up to twenty five percent of all marine life, all while occupying only one percent of the ocean floor. That's why scientists all across the globe are in a race against time to preserve our natural wonder.

Most methods are not exactly eco-friendly, so researchers at Hong-Kong University (HKU) developed "reef tiles": a 3D-printed reef. You read that right! These 3D-printed tiles are made out of terracota clay, an eco-friendly material.

The first purpose of these tiles is to allow the restoration of coral reefs or serve as a replacement for them: their surface structure is complex enough to allow marine life to develop nearby just like on any other bank. Thus, providing aid to the dying reefs.

Marine life diversity and abundance are crucial to many, if not all, ecosystems on Earth. Their preservation is not a question, it's the answer.

Reef Restoration

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