Roofing Tiles double as Solar Panels

Roofing Tiles double as Solar Panels
The Solé Power Tile system is the first building-integrated photovoltaic roofing product designed to blend in with curved roof tiles commonly found in the Pacific West and Southwest of the United States.

The triple-junction amorphous silicon thin-film technology incorporated within the Solé Power Tile is manufactured by United Solar Ovonic and allows the system to produce an estimated 8-20% more energy than incumbent crystalline silicon panels.

Any power generated by the system which is not used by the building (or stored in batteries if that option is chosen) is fed into the grid. Utility companies then give a credit for the amount of energy generated.

Roofing Tiles double as Solar Panels

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Wonder what happens when the photovoltaic roof tiles get damaged by fallling branches or people walking on the roof to install antennas, vents, or do chimney repairs.
Must be really tricky to repair the system if a tile gets short circuited.
Posted by Andrew Knight on August 25, 2009
What an absolutely BRILLIANT idea! Do hope there will be some way to make these tiles eminently affordable, so that every home-owner will be able to install them.
PS: is there no way to line, e.g., an entire roof (made of timber, bamboo, sun-baked bricks, or corrugated iron) using the same (essentially inexpensive) "solar-cooker" methodology? That is, using (sunlight-conducting) black paint and tin-foil?
Just a thought.
Hoping every home in Africa (and elsewhere) will be (entirely) solar-powered in the very near future!
Thank you.
Posted by Elizabeth Sleigh on August 25, 2009
The idea is good. But we have to study the impact in case of short circuit, lightening, possible walk over by menacing animals, natural calamity and etc al.

More over cost is a factor. Governments can help people to avail loans at subsidized interest rates to install solar panels or give tax benefits to those use renewable energy models to light up their homes.

Muting use of solar energy will save trillions of dollars and health of the inhabitants of this planet.
Posted by S.Srinivasan S on August 28, 2009
It is not a good idea. More hype with no practical substance. These scams are hurting the cause and destroying our planet. Quality high efficiency solar cells properly installed are far less expensive then these bogus tiles.
Posted by Scott Provost on August 29, 2009
Hi ,

Thanks for writing such an interesting article. It’s really good to know about the real estate and home decoration and renovation in detail. The roof over your head is literally your first defense against the outside elements. If your roof is in poor condition you risk serious damage to your whole house and all your belongings. Water leaks from snow and ice can do some serious damage to the entire structure of the building. Continually neglecting your roof will only make for costlier repairs down the road.

Replacing a roof can be expensive no mater what kind of roof you have. The materials are only a fraction of the total you will pay for a new roof. Labor costs will probably be your greatest expense when hiring. Roofing is a skilled trade that calls for knowledge in several areas including carpentry, house framing and math. Finding a roofer is the easy part. You might meet with a few obstacles however, as you seek a competent Minneapolis roofer.
Posted by Sibley Haley on September 14, 2009
Mmmm, looks good but I can't see construction companies forking out for these. Better to invest in something like Cembrit slates that are manufactured to look like natural slate without diminishing natural resources.
Posted by John Williams on February 19, 2010
It's pretty cool, but it's weird looking. You lose the traditional adobe brick color with the solar tech.
Posted by Warburton's, INC Warburton's, INC on September 1, 2010
I think that this could be a huge benefit, but I also agree that I would want to be careful and do lots of research on it first.
Posted by jane austen on January 5, 2011
I think that this is an amazing idea. People utilize roofing every single day; why not just gather solar power and help it power your other needs as well? At the very least, it would help conserve on electricity.
Posted by Jack Kingsley on January 14, 2011
I love this design. It is very innovative, and I work for a company that appreciates new innovative concepts.
Posted by Coady Wilson on August 22, 2011
Great post! I just love the roofing job that was done. I would love to get shingles that look like this on my home. I think they are fantastic.
Posted by Rebecca Hurst on December 16, 2011
Where can this bought and how much does one tile cost, and the installation thereof? How easy can that be?
Posted by Olehile Thataone on January 11, 2012
Great and interesting post. Would recommend having this done professional, or using your personal equipment trailer to load and unload the tiles?
Posted by bjorn Button on May 23, 2012

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