Rotofarm Puts Veggies Right in Your Kitchen

Rotofarm Puts Veggies Right in Your Kitchen
Looking like a large table lamp, the Rotofarm's circular design crams 5 feet of vegetables into its circular frame.

Simply insert the pre-seeded pods into the slots and fill the tank with water and plant food. The plants grow in boosted spectrum LED lighting and the framework rotates once an hour to provide a zero-gravity atmosphere which allows the plants to grow up to twice as fast.

The Rotofarm uses no soil and uses 95 percent less water than if the crops were grown in soil.

The accompanying app lets you view water and nutrient levels, order supplies and set sunrise and sunset times.

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Larger versions for flowers might squirm on the wall.
Posted by Uolevi Kattun on March 31, 2020
I like this topic. It is a good and new thing for people's life.
Posted by Fenghua Weng on May 9, 2020
This is an interesting thing, it saves time and place, and is more convenient, you can grow the plants you want at home, and it is very beautiful and can also be used as a decoration.
Posted by Zhuoran Shen on May 9, 2020

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