Rubber Sidewalks

Rubber Sidewalks
Terrewalks are interlocking sidewalk panels made from recycled tires and plastic waste. While they are hard enough to withstand biking, skating and harsh weather, they are easier on the knees than concrete.

They are easier to maintain, as individual panels can be replaced. They give trees more room for roots, as their installation is more shallow than concrete.

Rubber Sidewalks

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At the top is a photo of TERREWALKS, our new advanced interlocking modular sidewalk made of plastic--and below is a photo of Rubbersidewalks (all one word, 100% rubber) being connected with dowels. TERREWALKS is a fast and easy tongue and groove. The company is Rubbersidewalks, Inc. and the website is: Hope we'll have a lot of visitors who can learn about both beneficial systems. Thanks for mentioning us, Lindsay
Posted by Lindsay Smith on July 1, 2010

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