Run-n-Read Steadies Bouncing Text

Run-n-Read Steadies Bouncing Text
The newly streamlined Run‘n’Read tracks the runner’s head movements as they jog, and could help make reading while running on a treadmill less-nausea inducing.

Many people like to read while working out, but the bouncing text of the book can make it both difficult and uncomfortable to focus on the words. The head-worn Run-n-Read, created by a team from Purdue University, features a clip-on sensor no bigger than a pedometer—which is a vast improvement over the bulky infrared goggles of the earlier version. Meant to be used while reading an e-book, the sensor tracks the runner’s head movements and sends the data via Bluetooth to a reading app that smoothly adjusts the text to keep in sync with the runner’s motions. Running readers can also turn pages by tapping or double-tapping the device.

The Run-n-Read is currently seeking funding on the Dragon crowdfunding site.

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