Safer Bullet Reduces Civilian Deaths

Safer Bullet Reduces Civilian Deaths
A ‘safer’ proof-of-concept bullet in development by the US Army will disable after flying a certain distance, helping to prevent injuries from stray rounds.

Recently awarded a US patent, the bullet is equipped with a reactive material that will ignite when the bullet is fired and burn during flight, causing the bullet to become aerodynamically unstable at the desired range. Originally intended for use with .50 caliber ammunition, the technology could be extended for applications in a variety of small caliber munitions, and the range of the bullet can be adjusted based on the type of reactive material used.

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hi, the incendiary device, within the projectile {most likely magnesium} is most likely against the law re Geneva convention. The concept though thoughtful, indirectly dedicates its use in a human orientated environment, their by could result in liabilities of indirect nature, costing the user or manufacturer substantial sums of monies in damages. the context of a deliberate kill shot could be established by a skilful litigant team in the first instance, and the second instance the context of indirect admittance of spray and pray technique {ie: why would a trained professional miss}, by allowing for the miss is admittance of the competency of the shooter. cheers from Australia joe
Posted by jozsef kalmar on March 2, 2016

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