Safety Sphere Inflatable Crash Suit for Motorcyclists

Safety Sphere Inflatable Crash Suit for Motorcyclists
The Safety Sphere is an emergency crash suit concept for motorcyclists, inflating in less than a second after a collision.

The Safety Sphere concept suit is made up of two layers- a tough outer layer made of a thin, parachute-like fabric and an inner thin elastic layer. The suit is connected to the motorcycle by a cord that disconnects when the passengers are thrown from the motorcycle, triggering an electric signal. A canister of nitrocellulose fires when the signal is sent, inflating the suit in just 0.05 seconds.

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Do you think they will ever make a real prototype? I would like to see this tested. :)
Posted by Eric Staudt on February 8, 2012
Pretty neat
Posted by Stephan Huber on February 14, 2012
Is this available !!
Posted by Amit Chhabra on March 21, 2012

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