Sana Sleep Mask Fights Insomnia

Sana Sleep Mask Fights Insomnia
The Sana Health smart sleep mask invention encourages better sleep with audio-visual stimulation.

The Sana Sleep mask goes beyond simply blocking light, delivering a pattern of audio-visual stimulation that triggers the deep sleep cycle in the brain. The Sana Sleep mask also monitors the wearer’s nervous system for changes during sleep, allowing the device to personalize the stimulation for the optimal effect.

The Sana Sleep mask was used by Bertrand Piccard on his journey in the Solar Impulse, when he could only nap for twenty-minute blocks and needed a way to achieve the most efficient sleep.

Sana Sleep Mask Fights Insomnia

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Hello İ need sleep mask but I am living in İstanbul in turkey How can İ get it ?
Posted by egecan turkmen on July 27, 2017

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