Self-Braking Trolley Stops Automatically to Prevent Damage

Self-Braking Trolley Stops Automatically to Prevent Damage
Ford’s Self-Braking Trolley helps prevent runaway shopping cars and protect customers and cars.

The trolley is equipped with Ford’s Pre-Collision Assist system, which can detect impending collisions and automatically stop the cart if the driver fails to respond to warnings. The cart could help prevent damage to shelves, cars, and customers, as well as reduce the chances of runaway carts.

According to Anthony Ireson, director, Marketing Communications, Ford of Europe, “Pre-Collision Assist technology can help our customers avoid accidents or mitigate the effects of being involved in a collision. We thought that showing how similar thinking could be applied to a shopping trolley would be a great way to highlight what can be a really useful technology for drivers.”

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