Self Electric Generator to solve SDG-7

Self Electric Generator to solve SDG-7
SEG is an electric generator that produce clean and renewable electricity di novo by stealing electrons. This prototype (proof of concept) it's the first of its class worldwide as far as I know and SEG is not like solar panels or eolic turbines that transform energy. Therefore, SEG can work anytime of the day as required. SEG detects empty batteries and activate itself and begging to charge the battery. After the battery is charged it turn off itself. SEG will be one alternative to provide a-car, drones and robots full autonomy. SEG can be deployed any place around the world and give a solution to the UN SDG-7 and make feasible the HOME-OFF-THE-GRID concept. Finale, if I succeed to miniaturize it, home appliance self-energyzed can be produce.

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Dear Sir,

I am very interested to rtepresent this techniology in India, Kindly send me more details.
Thanks. My email id is
Posted by Hari Nair on September 19, 2020

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