Shaking Wash Hand-Held Washer and Dryer

Shaking Wash Hand-Held Washer and Dryer
Designed for travelers, the thermos-sized Shaking Wash is a mini-washing machine/dryer able to discreetly clean a pair of socks or few pieces of underwear.

A step up from washing small items in the sink, the Shaking Wash needs only water and a willing hand to operate. Once the clothes have been put into its compact pod, the user sends them through the wash cycle by shaking the device. A built-in net catches the clothes as the water is poured out, and the dry cycle can be powered either by batteries or by plugging in the retractable plug. During drying, a light will indicate how much time remains until the cycle is complete.

Shaking Wash Hand-Held Washer and Dryer

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am interested in helping to bring this innovative solution to my home country
Posted by Tunde Adekoya on October 25, 2013

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