Skin II Body Suit Kills Odors with Bacteria

Skin II Body Suit Kills Odors with Bacteria
The innovative Skin II bodysuit is equipped with live bacteria, reducing body odor while also boosting the immune system.

Designed by Rosie Broadhead, the bodysuit features live bacteria integrated into fibers of the material. The bacteria are located in strategic locations where the body produces the most sweat, and are activated by moisture on the wearer’s skin. Once active, the bacteria will then dominate the less helpful bacteria that live on the body, reducing odor while improving cell renewal and the skin’s immune system.

SKIN II Rosie_Broadhead from Rosie Broadhead on Vimeo.

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Sorry. As a microbiologist, I'd like to know what "live bacteria" is encapsulated in these garments. Sorry, but the notion that a re-useable garment can release bacteria to undermine a person's natural flora is ludicrous at best. A consumer dumb enough to buy this concept deserves to have their money taken from them.
Posted by James Flanagan on August 14, 2019

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