Slimbox ME

Slimbox ME
The largest compact laser cutter in the world. Ever wish you had the money and space for a big flatbed laser cutter? Well, you don’t need one anymore.

Slimbox ME is the largest compact laser cutter with a bed that is 1 meter wide (40 inches) and the ability to cut unlimited lengths.

Start scaling your drawings! Now you can finally lasercut that adult-size Halloween costume you've always wanted to make in just a matter of minutes. Or make large signs and billboards out of a single piece of material, create complex wall coverages or simply produce a lot of drink coasters in just one click. The possibilities are limitless. Literally!

Slimbox ME is different from every other laser cutter in the market because it replaces the standard flatbed with a patented roller system that enables you to cut designs from very long pieces of material or very small ones.

Stop adapting your projects to the size of your cutter, we have adapted the cutter to the size of your projects.

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