Smart Helmet

Smart Helmet
Biking has been around for a while as it offers a healthy, inexpensive and eco friendly option to commuting. Although it comes with little risk, wearing a helmet is crucial to staying safe.

The FARO helmet is made to make biking safer. It is a helmet with LED strips that provide maximum visibility to the biker. It also comes with minimalist vents for easy air-circulation, as well as a weatherproof fabric liner.

The helmet also has an automatic brake-light built in, which uses an accelerometer to detect when you’re slowing down. You can also connect your helmet to the app and activate many features, such as sending out an SOS alert to an emergency contact in case of an injury.

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Your helmet sounds amazing. Where can I buy one?
Posted by Guy Raffaele on December 9, 2020
Hemet must be sturdy and comfortable first then it must have some features like led light facility fitted with small batteries it must have a sensor device which alerts the ridder about the nearest vehicle and many more.
Posted by Prabir Kumar Chakraborty on December 13, 2020

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