Smart Syringe Helps Slow the Spread of Disease

Smart Syringe Helps Slow the Spread of Disease
Designed to help alert people to the danger of used-syringes, the ABC syringe turns a startling red after it’s been used.

In some areas, it is common for scavengers to search for used syringes to sell back to clinics, potentially spreading an array of diseases. Created by David Swann of Huddersfield University, the ABC syringe features an ink that will change color when exposed to carbon dioxide—which happens as soon as the seal has been broken for use. The color change takes about a minute to complete, although Swann has commented that the transformation time can be controlled to be between one second and one day.

According to Swann’s calculations, using the ABC syringe for just 5 percent of injections in India could prevent more than 700,000 infections and save $130 million in medical costs.

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Hi, Where can one get this, is it out in the market. Can I become a distributor., or even buy in bulk. Can I get a few as a sample.
Posted by Thavalingum(Sam) pillay on September 12, 2013
Checkout the film Puncture (2011) about these syringes.
Posted by Mick Trick on November 28, 2013
it is an amazing invention , I interesting to take dealership allover india
Posted by sathyan kk on December 31, 2013

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