Solar Charging Can Brings Power to the Field

Solar Charging Can Brings Power to the Field
Designed primarily for disaster relief, the portable Solar Charging Can brings solar power to the field quickly and easily.

Developed by Mobile Solar Chargers Ltd, the Solar Charging Can system includes a flexible, waterproof solar panel mounted on a retractable pole, a pair of batteries, and the rest of the required components. The Solar Charging Can can be assembled by two people in about half an hour, and the units can be customized to suit specific needs.

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my invention is using a coat integrated with light on the collar bringing sound to your ears with headphones solar panels where possible for charging all devices in turn heats the wearer, i have other things to add but im not ready to let these out, my finished coat takes away a vast range of gagdets people use today in one coat or jacket, patents pending on some things ive mentioned and havent
Posted by STEPHEN NIPPRESS on February 26, 2017

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