Solar "Filling Station"

Solar "Filling Station"
The "E-Move Charging Station" can supply electrically operated bicycles, scooters, cars and even mobile phones with the necessary "fuel" from the sun.

The station enables up to eight vehicles to be charged at the same time. Electrically operated cars and scooters as well as the two-wheel "Segway" rollers and even mobile phones and other electrical devices can be connected.

Eight mono-crystalline photovoltaic modules, which together supply 1.76 kWp of solar power have been installed on the pitched roof of the prototype.

Solar "Filling Station"

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This is excellent. But details such as how long it will take to charge (approx. time) for two wheelers, cars and mobile phones. More over how much distance it will cover per Kwp and at what speed it should be driven. If the company wants to capture the market first it should co-ordinate with local government for necessary clearance & encouragement. If it is sold though Bank finance it will be a sure hit.
Posted by Sripadha Rao Srinivasan on September 22, 2009

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