Sonitus Molar Mic Rides in the Mouth for Better Sound

Sonitus Molar Mic Rides in the Mouth for Better Sound
The Molar Mic by Sonitus attaches to the user’s back teeth to allow two-way communication regardless of the environment.

Many of the environments a soldier has to navigate, such as water or noisy situations, are not suitable for standard communications devices.

To overcome that limitation, the team from Sonitus created a patented system, called the Molar Mic, that fits around the back teeth. The custom-fit system includes a built-in waterproof mic and bone conduction speaker, which communicates wirelessly with a ‘tactical neckloop’ to send and receive communications. The bone conduction system allows audio to be relayed directly to the wearer’s inner ear, with no interference from gear or ambient sounds, while the mouth-based mic allows for less noise interference while speaking.

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