Spiky Black Silicon Kills Bacteria

Spiky Black Silicon Kills Bacteria
Inspired by the bacteria-shredding abilities of the wings of dragonflies, researchers have discovered that the spiky surface of black silicon can function in the same way.

The research was based on the surface structure of the wing of the Wandering Percher dragonfly, which has tiny spikes that kill both rod-shaped and spherical bacteria. Similar to the dragonfly’s wing, the surface of black silicon is marked with long, narrow nanoprotrusions that have been proven effective against a wide array of bacteria and endospores, including golden staph bacteria.

According to Professor Russell Crawford, one of the researchers leading the project, the black silicon “represents an exciting prospect for the development of a new generation of antibacterial nanomaterials that could be applied to the surfaces of medical implants, making them far safer.”

Spiky Black Silicon Kills Bacteria

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