Storing Energy in Auto Roofs and Doors

Storing Energy in Auto Roofs and Doors
Creating lightweight components that can store electricity could help to lower the weight of hybrid cars by eliminating the need for large batteries.

London researchers are working to create the components by producing car frames made of plastic and reinforced with carbon fiber, bound with a resin filled with lithium ions. The ions would allow electricity to be stored in the car's frame.

If the component technology reaches the same efficiency as current lithium ion batteries, a roof, hood, and doors of the material could store enough energy to power the vehicle for 80 miles.

Storing Energy in Auto Roofs and Doors

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We need new embedded projects (2011)
Posted by Galaxy 4 on June 14, 2011
This looks nice on the surface, but just as nobody would suggest turning the panels of an automobile into thing gas tanks, we shouldn't put the battery system there either.

Automobiles get into accidents. Hit that hard with a conductor and it will start discharging. Even a simple 12 volt starter battery for a car can weld steel.
Posted by Ellen Hunt on June 14, 2011

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