Street Legal Flying Car

Street Legal Flying Car
The ParaJet SkyCar, invented by Giles Cardozo, is the world’s first street legal plying car. The car uses a nylon “Paramenia Reflex” wing to control its flight.

The car is able to fly using a very large back-mounted propeller, and was tested earlier this year when Neil Laughton rode/flew the SkyCar from London to Timbuktu in India, a 5,000-mi journey.

On the road, the SkyCar has a maximum speed of 140 mph, and in the air it has a take off range of about 490 ft, a cruising speed of 82 mph and a maximum altitude of 15,000 ft.

More Info about this Invention:

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yea right... wheres the footage from this groundbreaking feat?
Posted by j mac on December 13, 2009

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