Suncreen Pills From Coral

Suncreen Pills From Coral
A natural compound produced by coral may prove useful in the development of a pill-form type of sunscreen.

Researchers from King's College London identified the compound in shallow water corals, which they produce to protect themselves from UV rays. They also discovered that fish who eat the coral showed evidence of benefit from the 'sunscreen', which indicates that it moves up the food chain.

The team is now working on a synthetic version of the compound, which could be distributed in tablet form. The sunscreen may also be used to produce UV tolerant crops, which could withstand bright, sustained sunlight in harsh tropical environments.

Suncreen Pills From Coral

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Natural Astaxanthin (red algae) supplements already do that, without the need to create a synthetic version of what nature provides so freely. Takes about a month to build up the protection needed. Greatly reduces the need for sunscreen, even eliminates it for people that are sensible with their sun exposure. Plus this supplement is an excellent antioxidant.

If creating UV tolerant crops means genetic manipulation with a synthetic compound, then no thanks. If it means spraying the plants, then how will this affect the local flora that is already well adapted to these conditions? Actually that goes for genetic manipulation as well. Both are too risky.
Posted by Daniela Huppe on September 14, 2011

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