ThawTHAT! II Thaws Frozen Foods Faster, Without Electricity

ThawTHAT! II Thaws Frozen Foods Faster, Without Electricity
Defrost frozen meats in a fraction of the time—and without hot water or electricity—with the ThawTHAT! II defrosting tray.

The ThawTHAT! II, an improved version of the original ThawTHAT, is made of anodized aluminum and features an "energy reservoir" equipped with heat-pipes and a bio-safe thermo liquid. The liquid actively draws the cold away from any item placed on the surface of the tray, drastically reducing the thawing time. The ThawTHAT! II is also designed with a gently concave surface that allows liquids to flow into the built-in drip catcher.

In tests, the ThatTHAT!II proved able to thaw a 9 oz. steak in just 13 minutes (compared to 28 minutes on the kitchen counter top).

ThawTHAT! II Thaws Frozen Foods Faster, Without Electricity

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my name is Joao, i'm from Brazil and your product really called my attention, i would like to know if have interest to show me more about the ThawTHAT II, and interest in might have someone to represent your brand here. I'm looking forward for you answer.
Joao Braulio
Posted by joao vilhena faria on October 30, 2014
This is what I sent to this company today. I would not buy this product in I were you. It does not work as advertised!

I filled out a contact form at and received no response. I believe it was the week of August 30th or the following week. I was contacting you in reference to a THAWTHAT! II thaw plate I purchased at the Fred Meyer store located at 14700 SE Division in Portland Oregon. I attended a demo and decided to try the product. The salesman made a great number of claims. 1st we were told the product came with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee that we would receive at checkout. That did not happen. I presumed it would also be in the box containing the product. It is not.

The box makes many claims relating to thawing times. I tried chicken, steak, pork and turkey. If I remember right, instead, of the 21 minutes the the box said chicken would take to defrost it took my 2 chicken breasts just over an hour and a half. The package of 4 pork chops took, I believe just over 2 hours rather than 23 minutes, the steak took over 2 hours rather than 66 minutes and the turkey thighs I gave up on after 4 hours. I am not certain of these times, however, I am sure you can locate my contact form and will find the actual thawing times listed in it. With the turkey thighs I did an experiment using your product and a thaw plate I bought at a garage sale more that a decade ago for either a dollar or five dollars. I put your product and my garage sale product side by side at exactly the same level. After 4 hours I gave up on your product and moved the thighs on to the garage sale thaw plate which had already thawed the thighs on it.

Additionally the butter spreader would not only not spread cold butter but it would not even cut it. The ice cream scoop did not perform as advertised either.

When I contacted you before I requested that you send me a prepaid RMA label so that I may send this product back to you and get a refund for my total price including tax. You may either send it to the address listed below or to this email address. I would appreciate your immediate response. I have already waited a month to hear back from you. My purchase price was $49.99.

Additionally we were told that the only other place we could purchase this item is online at and that it cost, I believe he said, $139.00. You can also confirm that amount on my original contact form. 1st I see it listed on for $59.95.

On the Eddie Bauer site this is my search result are below.

Your search for: "THAWTHAT! II thaw plate" returned 0 items.

We're sorry we can't find exactly what you're looking for. Please try again or browse our top categories below.

I found it on Amazon for between $51.99 and $141.99 priced it at $43.99

It is no longer available at Bed Bath and Beyond.

Again I hope to have my request honored immediately!

Cindy Pennington
7561 Cemetery Road, Noble, Oklahoma 73068
Posted by Cindy Pennington on October 1, 2016

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