The Alert by Dutchinno

The Alert by Dutchinno
Dutchinno is excited to announce the launch of The Alert, a social distancing device that will signal if a person comes within the CDC recommended range of six feet from the surface it is placed upon. Thus providing protection for any individual situated behind a desk or counter.

Dutchinno believes The Alert will be a useful tool in almost any environment to assist in preventing the spread of the virus. It can be used as a reminder to adhere to safe social distancing practices in retail, restaurants, hospitality, offices, education, reception areas, and more. The Alert uses a change in light color from green to red as well as several optional audio selections to inform an individual when they have come within six feet of the device. Audio options include beeping alarm, voice reminder, and recordable personalized message.

More information: Pricing information and where to buy The Alert can be found here
Product video here

“We developed The Alert device with the vision that each and everyone of us can protect themselves towards other people, whom might be carrying the Corona Virus. This is the ultimate 6ft distancing tool without having to directly ask anybody to distance and thereby not offending any person” Brooke Abbott, Marketing Developer.

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