The ARENA creates a workout system that can be used across over 300 movement types and in tandem with multiple styles from strength training to cardio, HIIT, athletic training, conditioning, weight-loss, and even recovery. ARENA provides a physical platform for you to work out on, while a motor controlled high performance cable passes from within it, giving you the ability to simulate a variety of exercises. The cable is controlled by algorithms within the ARENA that can simulate any force curve as well as dynamically adapt to users speed of movement to help you achieve your desired training result (muscle gain, weight-loss…). Through the ARENA app on your phone, you can choose the resistance you want instantaneously, from 0-200lbs. Apart from controlling resistance, the machine tracks your performance in real-time too, calculating your progress, calories, velocity, reps, and using that to quantify your workout into what the ARENA app calls an Impact Score™. The app takes you through workouts of your choice, tracking your progress and matching it to your goals, and even telling you when to rest.

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